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    Industry News ---- fasteners future development trend of China
    Published Date :2010-6-30  Hit :6770

           June 28 the Ministry of Commerce Bureau of Industry Injury Investigation of peace Song inspector, said in an interview, the final ruling on the case of Chinese fastener industry's normal production, operation and restoration of a fair trade order is of great significance for the enterprise to create a conducive fair market competition, enable enterprises to continuously improve the level of product technology and quality based on the product's market share expanded to meet market demand, China's fastener industry to improve international competitiveness.

    Screw nut fastener commonly known, is a mechanical basis for parts, known as "the rice industry," as large as the space shuttle, automobile and mechanical equipment, small desks and chairs, have their shadow. The industry is labor-intensive, capital-intensive and high-tech and strategic industries, countries in the world attach great importance to its development.

    China is the world's largest producer of fasteners. 2007 All-caliber production of 5.2 million tons of the National Fastener sales of 49 billion yuan and exports of 3.25 billion U.S. dollars. At present, China fastener production and nearly 10,000 trading enterprises, employing more than 100 million people, a higher contribution to employment. Domestic production of carbon steel fasteners primarily for the automotive, electronic products, electronic equipment, machinery and equipment, construction and general industrial uses.

    Song of peace that, in recent years, China's fastener industry is in rapid development, ability to innovate and critical stage, foreign firms would resort to dumping and other unfair means stepping up to seize the Chinese domestic market, the domestic fastener industry are the enormous impact and challenge.

    Global Fastener demand mainly in North America, Europe and Asia. As the Asian region, gradually increase the level of manufacturing technology, and labor costs are relatively low, the global fastener industry division of labor is changing. Song of peace, said, North America, Europe, Asia, exports to high-end fasteners at the same time, high-grade fasteners will shift production to Asia, the next competition will be more intense.

    December 1, 2008, China General Machine Components Industry Association of Fastener Association on behalf of domestic steel fastener industry to submit applications to the Ministry of Commerce, the request to the origin of carbon steel fasteners imported from the EU anti-dumping investigation. Guangdong Province, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Jiaxing City and Hebei Yongnian County, fasteners, standard parts Association and member companies also support the application. Song of peace that this was a domestic fastener industry in the face of unfair foreign competition law to take up arms to defend their legitimate rights and interests of reaction.

    Carefully read and study by the applicant and the submissions of all interested parties and the preliminary ruling and the final ruling before the field verification, the investigation organ considers the survey period although the yield, production, sales and some other indicators of good performance, but operating rates, inventory , profit, and industrial development, China's domestic industry damage is obvious. Therefore, the conclusion that the European Union on imports of carbon steel fasteners caused substantial damage to domestic industry, mainly as follows:

    - The substantial growth in domestic consumption in China where the domestic fastener industry has emerged working under capacity, business inventories increase. Since 2005 the survey period, the Chinese iron and steel, machinery, automobile industry and the railways, roads and other infrastructure construction and development of rapid, apparent consumption of domestic fasteners showed rapid growth trend, but the operating rate of domestic industries on the decline. The survey period, 15 key enterprises of similar products sample average operating rate in 2005 was 80.57 percent, from January to September 2008 was 75.90 percent, less than 4.67 percentage points in 2005. Meanwhile, business inventories increased sharply, 15 key enterprises of similar products at the end sample of stocks in 2005 was 5.90 million tons, 128,300 tons from January to September 2008, more than 69,300 tons in 2005.

    - The loss of domestic industries, resulting in return on investment and cash flow deterioration. Although the survey period, China's rapid economic development, automotive, electronics and other downstream user industries present a development trend, China's pre-tax profit of similar products has been negative, showing a loss trend. Sample of 15 key companies from 2005 to 2008, the accumulated losses of 150 million yuan from January to September.

    - China fastener industry, Arrested Development. The current strong demand in China fasteners, but the product under investigation as the EU have entered and price suppression, crowding out of domestic enterprises and suppression, Wu Fa expected to achieve even a reasonable profit Shui Ping Zhang Qi losses and thus can not Shengjishebei and improve production processes. After verification, part of the preparation of the automotive fasteners business project has been shelved, the investment costs can not be amortized, increasing the company's loss of status. Investigation enables the domestic industry's investment return and cash flow are not reflected in the domestic market growing demand for the product concerned, this trend seriously affect the domestic steel fastener industry.

    In the present case the investigation, the investigating authorities through a lot of investigation and evidence collection and found that the domestic industry injury investigation period of the worsening indicators, are the product under investigation with a substantial increase of imports, market share, price suppression and extent in time to maintain synchronization correspondence. Ultimately, therefore, finds that imports of carbon steel fasteners EU and China of dumping carbon steel fastener industry suffered material injury causal relationship between.

    According to Song peaceful introduction, the case after the preliminary ruling Chinese fastener industry very well, mainly in three aspects. First, pick orders, particularly for the automotive, electronic and electrical appliances and construction machinery supporting Gao strength fasteners and special-shaped pieces of 需求 增加; 2 is a growth business Touru; 3 is the product Shengji accelerated. After the preliminary ruling, the domestic part of the procurement to domestic auto manufacturers, the company's product upgrades bring new development opportunities.

    May 7, the European Union on imports of carbon steel fasteners from China to EU imposed provisional anti-dumping duty measures proposed under the WTO dispute settlement mechanism of consultation requests. In this regard, the Ministry of Commerce of Treaty and Law addressed the responsible person, reiterated China's consistent support for free trade and unfair competition law on trade remedy measures taken to protect the normal trade order. China, EU imports of carbon steel fasteners to initiate an investigation pursuant to Chinese law, appeals and applications in the domestic industry initiated under the full compliance with international rules. The Chinese side will be within the framework of the WTO dispute settlement mechanism in consultation with the EU, to maintain the legitimate rights and interests of the domestic fastener industry for the domestic development of the industry to strive for a fair competitive environment.

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