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Taiyo Yuden launches wire-wound inductor NRV3012
    Taiyo Yuden launches wire-wound inductor NRV3012 (3.0×3.0×1.2mm, height is maximum). This product is commonly used in DC-DC converter of LED secondary light source used by portable set such as mobile phone which has photo shooting function.

    Among inductors of the same specification, this product has the highest DC overlapping value in the industry. Its rated current (DC overlapping value is 1.8A) is increased by 60% compared with products of the same specification. Meanwhile, compared with products which have the same DC overlapping value (angle 4mm), surface area reduces by 40%, the product has compact design.

    DC-DC converter of LED secondary light source in the past mainly utilize inductance product, magnetic core of which is made of expensive metal. The inductor, magnetic core「NRV3012」of which is ferrite material, is as good as products in the past in terms of specification and DC overlapping features. And it is even better in downsizing of inductors with angle exceeding 4mm. It presents customers with more options.

    As major parts for photo shooting in the dark, LED secondary light source is becoming more and more widely used in mobile phones with camera function. Meanwhile, as parts for camera function in portable music player and digital camera parts, its application will be more popular.

    Voltage variation circuit in LED secondary light source will use DC-DC converter. As application equipment is becoming smaller and thinner, DC-DC converter is also developing in that way.

    In order to achieve this goal, inductor, serving as the key component of DC-DC converter, must be smaller and thinner. Besides, inductor must have good DC overlapping characteristics, and inductance value will not be easy to fall down even large current (DC) passes through.

    Taiyo Yuden has achieved commercialization of NRV3012 products with good DC overlapping characteristics. Compact design of this product is attributed to magnetic core design of the well received and thin wire-bound NR series inductor and the most proper application material.

    To satisfy market demand in the future, Taiyo Yuden will gradually expand production of this product line.

[NRV3012 product]

Product name



DC resistance


Rated current [A] max

DC overlapping characteristics

Allowable current when temperature rises

NRV3012 2R2M