DPtech’s Application Delivery Helps the Ministry of Commerce to Be Adept at Network Exits


The Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the “Ministry of Commerce”) is a key part of the State Council, which is in charge of domestic and foreign trades and international economic cooperation. It is required to provide foreign trade practices, public services, interactions with the masses and other business services. However, due to the large amount of concurrent access and the limited traditional static exit routing, it is impossible to realize dynamic routing according to link status, and there is a “dead zone” for the application status of bandwidth, resulting in huge waste of bandwidth resources. In response to the rapid development of business, the speed, security and reliability of business delivery need to be enhanced comprehensively.

With its leading intelligent routing technology, key bandwidth assurance technology and virtualization feature, DPtech’s application delivery equipment provides all-round assurance to the Internet business of the Ministry of Commerce. Among others, the key is to realize:

1.The seamless intelligent switching between multiple links ends the mode of exit routing “as prescribed”. It can really realize link redundancy and ensure business reliability. The Ministry of Commerce has multiple Internet exits, and as a result of the routing based on routing policy, the majority of traffic is directed to the designated exit, which causes certain exit jam, while other exit links are in idle state, which illustrates a huge waste of bandwidth resources. In case of any link failure, an exit needs to be designated again after routing invalidity. As a result, it takes a long time for link switching, which interrupts the continuity of business. DPtech’s application delivery product can realize balanced use of multiple exit links at the same time and the timely switching upon failure through intelligent routing technology.

2.The cross-operator problem upon entry can be solved with intelligent DNS technology, ensuring that the corresponding exit (e.g. China Telecom exit or China Unicom exit as appropriate) is allocated to each access for the enhancement of users’ access experience to the largest extent. The Ministry of Commerce provides foreign trade practices, public services, interactions with the masses and other business services, and if it releases businesses via multiple exits at the same time, the access will be slowed down during external visit surge. As a result, the server will respond too slowly, and there will be a significant latency due to cross-operator access by users. A full database of operator addresses is built in DPtech’s application delivery equipment ADX3000 for the accurate identification of the operator according to the IP address. Thus, access requests from users via external networks can be allocated properly for the maximum enhancement of users’ experience.

3.The product can reduce operation and maintenance consumption significantly and solve maintenance problems in more than one thousand routing items. It can also raise intelligent alarms in case of link emergency and improve the low efficiency in troubleshooting. The Ministry of Commerce and its branches are widely located, and there may be more than one thousand routing items. Thus, the maintenance needs will be tremendous as any changes in any routing items need manual modification, and adjustment cannot be made in time according to the use of the links. “Post-handling” will cause business interruption and reduce efficiency of users. DPtech’s ADX3000, through intelligent link alarming technology, helps maintenance staff to thoroughly overcome the difficulty in routing item maintenance and to be kept posted about the use of links.

4.Traffic channels are distributed on an on-demand manner, and a multi-level traffic control strategy can be adopted flexibly, to ensure “unimpeded” key businesses. There are a large number of office staffers as well as various types of businesses in the Ministry of Commerce and its branches. Thus, visits for different businesses during different periods of time vary significantly. DPtech’s application delivery equipment support the identification of more than 4,300 types of applications, and realize flexible control on different applications during designated periods of time through its extensive application feature database and multi-level traffic control strategy, so as to ensure that key businesses are “unimpeded”.

With its leading intelligent routing technology and bandwidth assurance function, DPtech’s application delivery equipment has make a breakthrough in the application deployment of the Ministry of Commerce, given full play to the advantages of multiple exit links, enhanced online work efficiency significantly and reduced operation and maintenance consumption effectively, and recieved concerted praises form all clients of the Ministry of Commerce.